Friday, 24 June 2016

My Motivation

Information is important what do you get here..???

“Hey, come here “He pounces on me and gives me a blow, you think we can’t arrest you because we are youths like you, holding my trousers at the buckle point asking for whatever I had in my pockets. He tells me to show him where I had kept it. still in shock and confusion I told him in a lower  voice but in agony, it’s there (pointing at a lower  level at the same railway line where my team mate, I and my classmate were seated at this evening around 3:50pm)this is immediately after the last examination paper to end the torturing and longest semester. The sun was shining bright; exams were not as easy as we thought since the invigilators’ stormed the rooms earlier and in large numbers of up to five per room. This was to ensure that the students had no opportunity to cheat on the last examination with which the lectures were not fully attended to by the lecturers claiming that the large numbers of students in classes couldn’t  allow them to yet the unit was to be covered for only 3hours a week as per the timetable and school procedures.

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